Sunday, January 30, 2011

A night out with the girls at a showbar.

Last night I went to the only show bar that I know of in the Houston area, a place called TC's. If your not familiar with the term showbar, its a term meaning that a a bar has a show every night and is generally used in the drag community to describe a bar with a running drag show.

TC's has a show every night and Saturdays is there sultry sirens show, which was comprised of some sexy ladies singing hip hop, RnB and pop tunes and the odd Spanish and country tune. I was really impressed with some of the make-up of these ladies, and floored by the performances. I dint get any pictures because my phone died halfway trough the night and I forgot my video camara but next time I go I will post a blog full of pictures.

If you have a local showbar in your area, go check it out support the local gay community and be inspired by some beautiful female impersonators and enjoy yourself!

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