Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Product Review; Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics,Solid Shampoo Bar Godiva

Godiva as a product is unique is its appearance, as solid is not the form shampoo usually takes. This particular shampoo is presented in a round disk and is a lovely yellow color lends it to quick yet happy morning showers and those times when messing with a big old bottle of extra value shampoo is not appealing. The smell also very lovely, much different from big department store brands with strawberry kiwi and other strong artificial fruit scents. This little yellow disk is scented with natural Shea butter and not much else its soft and subtle without over perfuming the hair. The use of the product is very easy, just wet the hair and rub the bar across the scalp until it lathers, and then massage in and boy does this shampoo lather, which is often unheard of in products that are organic. Its impressive to note that not only with the organic and vegan label of this product its also preservative free and praben free and comes with distinct lack of packaging to be better serving of the environment, can an average salon shampoo say that? The price point is the only troubling thing about this product, at $9.99 per bar, this shampoo should last at least 4 months or more, but with its tendency to melt if left in the shower and the amount of times needed to lather the hair this little bar can run out in a month or two, not very economical compared to other brands of organic shampoo. However for the environmentally conscious this shampoo is a godsend, perfect if a mountain field is home and taking baths in a river stream is normal. (well ok maybe just a shower with a stream setting.) This happy little yellow bar gets the job done and leaves your hair strong and silky enough to use as ladder down a very tall tower and with a name like Godiva, it should.

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