Monday, December 13, 2010

villainess, or, my obsession with soap.

Man oh man do I love soap, no really I LOVE soap. I have had at one time 12 bars of soap. its not that impressive until you thing about the kinds of soap I tend to acquire. I like organic, handmade and the stuff that smells fantastic.

So Ive turned to villainess. A fellow BPAL'er (another obsession) sent me a sample awhile, and while the feel of it was great, the scent was not something I loved so I put it away, until recently I had forgotten about it until my precious lush stock got low so i order d a bar..or two and a lotion, but I digress. Well it just arrived last week and man or man am I in heaven. I dont think Ive ever wanted to take a shower twice a day just to use my new soap but I do! its perfectly formulated creamy and a good lather without being foamy and the smell is just fantastic! Currently I'm washing with 'just deserts' and I smell like a dream.

I'd recommend villainess products to anyone with a bath fetish pick some up at

xxx ashes

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