Friday, December 17, 2010

the rainbow hair effect.

I was reading some backdated blog from Doe Deere and I came across a post about her having blue hair, the upkeep and the trials and reactions form people on the street.

"Life as a mermaid-head

One thing is for sure: people definitely treat you differently when you have unusual hair. Some look at you with suspicion like you’re some kind of an up-to-no-good teenager out to steal their wallet, while others find it fascinating. It really depends on your audience. I got some disapproving star

es from conservative middle-aged women in a diner and some teenage boys yelled ‘Oompa-Loompa!’ at me out of their car (haha, they probably m

eant Smurfette seeing how Oompa-Loompas have brown hair!). The one thing that went straight to my heart is when an old lady in a pet store said she liked my hair. Her own was as white as snow and teased into a big 60s bouffant, and I instantly thought that’s what I might look like when I’m her age… Reactions also depend on the neighborhood you happen to be in. In a conservative uptown-type environment you might get some head-shaking in your direction, but liberal parts of town like the East Village or Soho in New York seem to be delighted to see more color!"

- Doe Deere

Ive been there! Ive had every unnatural and natural color combination you can think of (minus yellow and green which are not flattering on me.) and I loved it! Though I have to say people do treat you a bit differently. I remeber when I was out with my purple hair I got followed areund a high-end store when I was shopping with my mother. It was very unsettling to me at the time and my thought was 'do I look like a delinquent?' of course to the conservative minded I did.

Mostly I have gotten compliments, I was out with a friend who had pink hair we got the cutest little girls who pointed at us and said "I want hair like that!" many times Ive been out with rainbow colored hair and gotten the admiration of little girls who saw me as a princess.

I recently dyed my hair back to black, because I'm going into a conservitive and competive feild, and wanted to tone down my look.

I do miss it though.

For fun here's a pic of my hair when it was blue

xxxx ashes

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