Tuesday, December 14, 2010

circle lenses...strange beauty trends im addicted to.

SO a while go I bought some of those infamous circle lenses the one that the nytimes scared people about over the summer. You know of all the contacts ive worn over the years, ive never worn colored lenses I could never see out of them. These circle lenses however, I can see out of and they make me look bright eyed and cherry, something that my small eyes dont do often without gobs of make-up! but hey why babble let me show you a picture.

Pretty cool huh?

these in particular are Geo Ultra Black, and I got them for a costume, but I can get away with wearing them for everyday with the right make-up. I also purchased some green, and violet and plan to get some more. I get mine from http://www.honeycolor.com/ they have some of the best prices and a great sale going on right now!

I know contacts that change your eye shape and color arent for everyone but hey. I like the look of them and Ive worn contacts for a while, so its works for me. But caution folks if you've never worn contacts before you should go to an optimtrist and get your eyes fitted before purchasing any.

xxx ashes

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