Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday Funday...Beer, food and rain.

For Sunday funday this week we went out to a local brewery's Sunday party. While there we drank lots of (free ;o ) beer and listened to a groovy 60's inspired band. Then we had our one month aniversey dinner at Jack Allens where it started to rain! It was pouring by the time we headed to Pelons for some apples to apples with the hubby's co-workers then ended the night with a little folk music.

All and all a great time!

Outfit details

Soda fountain shirtwaist dress from Modcloth
Black belt from Kohls's
Back Seam stockings from Leg Avenue
Purse Sourpuss form a local rockabilly shop
Hair flower and necklace from my collection. 


  1. I just adore the vibrancy of your cheerful red shirtwaist dress - it's so pretty and fun (I'd wear it in a heartbeat, too). Darling outfit from top to bottom, dear gal!

    Thank you very much for your lovely blog comment today, I'm delighted that you found your way to Chronically Vintage and that in turn I discovered your site.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for reading my blog! I only just started blogging recently and as far as vintage goes..well most of my stuff is only 'vintage appropite' Im glad you enjoy the dress! Modcloth is my favorite place to shop for vintage inspired garments affordable too. Im glad I discovered your site as well!