Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday funday...Galaxy Cafe and The Dark Night Rises

Hello dolls!

Yesterday for Sunday funday we went out to see "The Dark Night Rises" my husband is a huge, huge comic book nerd and we just had to see it this weekend. Before that tho we stopped for a little bite to eat in a place called Galaxy Cafe. Its a local Austin diner chain with really rad decor and great food! Dave and I both got burgers and mac & cheese as a side. We are both mac & cheese lovers so that was a prime choice for the side.

Later on at the show we stood in a long line at the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Ln. This is the newest theater  in the Alamo Drafthouse chain and is absolutely beautiful. I wish I had taken more pictures. Ah well.

Outfit deatils
Shirt; Modcloth
Skirt; JC Pennys basic A-line skirt
Jewelry: Old, not sure where from, hair flower which is out of the picture is from the grocery store. 
Shoes: Report Flats

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